361-2-5891 Random codes in Communication

Homeworks and Solutions

Here the HW will be posted.
  1. HW1  basic Properties of Entropy and Mutual Information is due to Tuesday, 8/3/11. solutions
  2. HW2 (Q 1-5)  Entropy, Mutual Information, Divergence and Jensen’s Inequality, and HW3(Q  1-5) Data Compression and Huffman code are due to 22/3/11 solutionsHW2  solutionsHW3
  3. Solve Set 3 part b  (all questions 1-4, AEP and source coding) and Set 3 (Q 6-7) and Set 2 (Q 6). Due to 4/4/11. solutions
  4. Solve set4 channel and source coding, due to 3/5/11 solutions
  5. Last HW set6_max_entropy and side information  due to 14/6/11  solutions
  6. extra HW (do not turn in) set5 differentiona_entropy_and gaussian_channel   solutions