361-2-5981 Random Codes in Communication

Ben-Gurion University

Spring Semester 2011




           Tuesday 17:00-20:00pm, 3 Units,
           Building -, room - .
Instructor: Haim Permuter
Office: Building 33 office 312
Tel: 6461558
Email: haimp (at) bgu (dot) ac (dot) il
Office hours: After the lectures. 

Course Outline and Syllabus

In the class we will study fundamental mathematical methods which are widely used in designing modern communication systems (Wimax, Wifi, ADSL, OFDM), modern codes (LDPC and Turbo codes) and compression schemes (ZIP). We will use optimization, probability and information tools to solve engineering problems in communication. These mathematical/information tools are also widely used in signal processing (estimation), statistics (large deviation), computer science (complexity), physics (second law of thermodynamic and statistical physics) and economics (investment theory).   Here is a movie on Shannon, who invented the mathematical toolsinformation diagram learned in the class.


The course will follow only one textbook, which is fun and easy to read:
Textbook: "Elements of Information Theory," by Cover and Thomas, 1st or 2nd Edition, New York: Wiley, 2006.


You should have seen some probability at the level of introduction to stochastic processes or equivalent. For instance, you should be familiar with terms such as i.i.d. random variables, expectation and Gaussian random variables.

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