Multi-User Information Theory 2011/12

Ben-Gurion University




Instructor: Haim Permuter
Office: Building 33 office 312
Tel: 6461558
Email: haimp (at) bgu (dot) ac (dot) il

Course Outline and Syllabus

In the course we will study topics in multi-user information theory, namely, analyze the fundemental limits of communication between many users.
Tentative topics


The course will follow
  1. Lecture Notes on Network Information Theory, A. El Gamal, Y-H Kim
  2. "Elements of Information Theory," by Cover and Thomas, 1st or 2nd Edition, New York: Wiley, 2006.
Additional textbooks 
  1. ``Information Theory and Reliable Communications,'' by Gallager, New York, Wiley 1968.
  2. ``Information Theory,'' by Csiszar and Korner, New York, second eddition 2011
  3. ``convex optimization," by  Boyd and Lieven 


You should be familiar with the material that was taught in Mathematical Methods in Communication (361-2-5891) or  Random codes in Communication (361-25981)

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