Switch Mode Power Supplies (361-1-4561)

Lecture Slides

Lecture slides are available in two formats: 2 slides per page (Doub.) and 3 slides per page with place for comments (Trip.)

       Part 1: Introduction, PWM, Average, Basic Topologies, DCM Doub. Trip.

       Part 2: Output Ripple, Capacitors and Losses Doub. Trip.

       Part 3: Magnetics, Losses, Inductor, Transformer Doub. Trip.

       Part 4: Isolated Converters, Forward and Flyback Doub. Trip.

       Part 5: Parasitic effects Snubbers and clamps Doub. Trip.

       Part 6: Advanced topologies Doub Trip.

       Part 7: Drivers. Current sensing Doub Trip.

       Part 8: Control, voltage mode Doub Trip.

       Part 9: Control, current mode Doub Trip.

       Part 10: Switched-capacitor converters Double Triple Annotated







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