Gal Morgenstern


Gal Morgenstern
Ph.D student & teacher assistant
Advisor: Prof. Tirza Routtenberg
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Email: galmo {at}
Office: building 37 room 403

I am a Ph.D student in the school of electrical and computer engeneering in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I am part of Prof. Tirza Routtenberg's lab that specializes in signal processing and optimization with applications in power systems. In my M.Sc. studies, I focused on anomaly detection in power systems. Previously, in my BS.c. I majored in signal processing and communications. Since 2018, I am posing as a teaching assistant in the signal processing introductory course.

Current Research Interests

Statistical graph signal processing with applications in smart grid:

  • Monitoring power system, state estimation, event detection

  • Power system cyber-security

  • Estimation after selection for graphical models

  • Sparse recovery for graphical models


  • Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology scholarship for excellent Ph.D. students (Jan 2020-Dec 2023)

  • Negev scholarship for excellent Ph.D. students (Sep 2019-Oct 2023)

  • M.Sc. graduation as part of the "Master degree direct track" program for excellent students which combines the undergraduate degree last year with the second-degree first year

  • B.Sc. graduation Cum Laude


  • G.Morgenstern and T. Routtenberg, "Structural-constrained Methods for the Identification of False Data Injection Attacks in Power Systems", submitted to IEEE Trans. Signal Processing

  • G. Morgenstern and T. Routtenberg, "Algorithms for Sparse Recovery from a Graph Filter Output",in preparation, to be submitted to IEEE Trans. Signal Processing

  • G. Morgenstern and T. Routtenberg, "Network Constraints Against Cyber-attacks in Power Systems", 2019 Graph Signal Processing Workshop, University of Minnesota during June 5-7th, 2019 (Extended abstract)