SPCOMIT Seminars

Welcome to the homepage of the SPCOMIT (Signal Processing - Communication - Information Theory) students seminars.


The SPCOMIT framework is intended to allow graduate students in these fields to present and exchange ideas in a friendly non-formal environment.


In these seminars, one can present his recent research results, discuss unsolved problems or start a discussion.


The seminars are held at room 102 (EE conference room).


If you wish to schedule a talk, or join the seminars mailing list, please send us an email: eyalni@post.bgu.ac.il.

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Past Poster Presentations

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23/06/2016, 14:10

Shahar Bar

Adaptive waveform design for target detection with sequential composite hypothesis testing

Nir Halay

Measure transformed quasi likelihood ratio test for Bayesian binary hypothesis testing

Roee Shaked

Carrier frequency offset estimation for linear channels with periodic characteristics


Past Seminars

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07/11/2017, 13:10

Prof. Ami Wiesel

Deep learning in linear models

24/10/2017, 13:10

Nir Halay

Detection and localization under transformed probability measures

22/04/2014, 13:10

Nir Shlezinger

Capacity of cyclostationary Gaussian noise channels

13/05/2014, 13:10

Ohad Elishco

Semi-constrained systems

17/06/2014, 13:10

Eyal Nitzan

A new class of Bayesian cyclic bounds for periodic parameter estimation

28/10/2014, 13:10

Yonathan Murin

On Transmission of Correlated Gaussian Sources over Broadcast Channels with Feedback

25/11/2014, 12:10

Shahar Bar

Performance bounds and optimal parameter estimation in the presence of nuisance deterministic parameters

23/12/2014, 10:10

Sefi Kampeas

Capacity and algorithms for distributed multi-user MIMO: Scheduling, non-homogeneous environments, various QoS considerations, and practical decoding

06/01/2015, 11:10

Anatoly Khina (TAU)

New matrix decompositions for Gaussian networks

10/03/2015, 11:10

Ilia Iofedov

MISO - OFDM with Nonlinear Power Amplifier

14/04/2015, 11:10

Or Ordentlich (TAU)

Integer-Forcing for Multiterminal Communication Problems

05/05/2015, 11:10

Ronit Bustin Drory (Princeton)

Gaussian Channels: I-MMSE at Every SNR

23/12/2015, 12:10

Daniel Zahavi

Interference management based on node cooperation in multi-user wireless networks

08/02/2016, 12:10

Hai Morgenstern

Representation, measurement, and processing of sound fields in rooms using acoustic MIMO systems

28/02/2016, 12:10

Ziv Goldfeld

Semantic Security versus Active Eavesdroppers

27/06/2016, 11:10

Dr. Christine Evers (Imperial College)

Acoustic scene mapping for robot audition

06/07/2016, 11:10

Eyal Nitzan

Mean-cyclic-error lower bounds via integral transform of likelihood-ratio function

Nir Shlezinger

The capacity of discrete-time Gaussian MIMO channels with periodic characteristics

04/01/2017, 12:10

Nir Shlezinger

Fundamental performance limits for channels with periodic characteristics

15/02/2017, 11:10

Ilia Iofedov

On advanced transmission and receiving techniques for communication systems with non-linear power amplifiers

15/06/2017, 11:10

Roee Shaked

Joint Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset and Channel Impulse Response for Linear Periodic Channels

26/06/2017, 12:10

Shahar Bar

A Risk-Unbiased Approach to Performance Bounds and Optimal Parameter Estimation