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B.Sc. Project Proposals for 2009 - 2010
B.Sc. Students 2008 - 2009
  • Elinor Scheiwald
  • Dov Yutcis
  • Eran Faleck
  • Yaniv Shaar
  • Oded Krmas
  • Dana Sela
  • Yotam Ben Shos
  • Gilad Nathan
  • Or Lee Lo
  • Royi Shlomi
  • Sharon Azany
  • Yair Sandberg
  • Lital carmi
  • Eyal Zaks
B.Sc. Project Proposals for 2006 - 2007
B.Sc. Students 2006 - 2007:
  • Itai Harel
  • Liran Manor
  • Alex Kushnir
  • Beni Kupfer
Fourth Year Projects for 2005-2006
Name Project Name Supervisors
Gil Kopilov Solving hard combinatorial problems using
optical processor based on photorefractive crystals
Natan Shaked and Prof. Joseph Rosen
Zeev Tel-Or
Eran Allon Efficient recording and reading of holograms
on photorefractive crystals for optical computing applications
Natan Shaked and Prof. Joseph Rosen
Adi Rozenshine
Ido Leshem Optical implementation of bounded
non-deterministic Turing machines
Natan Shaked and Prof. Joseph Rosen
Shay Shapira
Dvir Arieli Digital optical processor Natan Shaked and Prof. Joseph Rosen
Elad Cohen
Gil Simon Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem
(TSP) using a pure optical system
Natan Shaked and Prof. Joseph Rosen
Tal Tabib
Alon Binyamin Noninvasive optical imaging
by speckle ensemble
Natan Shaked and Prof. Joseph Rosen
Barak Gonen
Optical Computing Project Seminar 2005

During the summer of 2003, our project students got a weekly lectures which were meant to prepare them to their projects. The students who participate in the seminar:

  • Learn fundamental subjects of optics. This may help them to better understand their projects and get a wider perspective. Learn about optics basic equipment. This may help them working in the lab throughout their projects.
  • Learn project related subjects. Since the learning is in a group, it will be easier, faster and more stimulating for the students to learn the background of their projects.
  • Learn basic tools of the projects (Matlab, making a presentation, reading and finding articles, preparing a preliminary report, working with optics, etc). This will help the students to avoid unnecessary lost of time which may be caused by learning these subjects alone in the beginning of their work on the projects.
  • Get the experience in doing their own presentations about the subjects of their projects. This is also going to help them to prepare the literature overview of the preliminary report and get ready for the future project conference in which the students will also have to make presentations of their projects.
  • Take the advantage of the summer when they are relatively free. The students will write their preliminary report in the summer. Then, at the beginning of the new year, the students will start working on the research of their projects.
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Electro-Optics Teaching Laboratory (Course: 36114383)

Head: Prof. Joseph rosen

Lab-Coordinator: Natan Shaked

During the fourth year of their studies, the students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev choose a specialization field. The "Electro-Optics Teaching Laboratory" is the teaching laboratory of the electro-optics specialization field.

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