Welcome to the Electro-Optics Laboratory (EOL), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering!


Group Leader

Prof. Joseph Rosen

Email : rosen@ee.bgu.ac.il

Degrees: B.Sc.-EE (1984, Techion, Haifa, ISRAEL), M.Sc.-EE (1987, Techion, Haifa, ISRAEL), D.Sc.-EE (1992, Techion, Haifa, ISRAEL).

Position: Benjamin H. Swig Professor in Optoelectronics, Head of the electro-optics research and teaching laboratories, Professor in the E&CE Department of BGU, faculty member in the Electro-Optics Unit of BGU, fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA), and SPIE fellow.

Research Areas: Optical computing, image processing, holography, diffractive optics, interferometry, pattern recognition, optical tomography, and statistical optics.