Welcome to the Electro-Optics Laboratory (EOL), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering!

Search Engines of Optics Books and Papers
  1. Optics Infobase - Search engine of optics papers published in the OSA (Optical Society of America) journals
  2. Optics Communications - Search engine of optics papers published in the Optics Communications journal
  3. SPIE Search - Search engine of optics papers published in the SPIE publications
  4. IEEExplore - Search engine of papers published in the IEEE journals [campus wide access]
  5. Citeseer - Search engine of computer science and mathematics papers
  6. Google Scholar - Search engine of all kinds of papers
  7. Compendex (EI) - Search engine of science and engineering papers [campus wide access]
  8. Inspec Search engine of physics, electronics, and computer science papers [campus wide access]

Websites of Electro-Optics and Optics Companies
  1. Edmund Optics
  2. Newport
  3. Coherent
  4. Lahat Technologies (Israeli company)
  5. ROSH Electroptics (Israeli company)
  6. Ben Moshe (Israeli company)
  7. R.M. Photonics (Israeli company)
Fun Links
  1. Amazing Optical Illusions website:
  2. Holoart - Holography Israeli artist website: www.holoart.co.il
  3. Holographer - Holography website: www.holographer.org
  4. Russian hologram shop website: www.holography.ru

Personal Website Links
  1. Prof. Joseph Rosen's personal website: www.ee.bgu.ac.il/~rosen