Nao Steering Vectors

The steering vectors, or the so-called generalized head-related transfer functions (GHRTFs) for the array of 12 microphones integrated on the humanoid robot (Nao) can be downloaded in this webpage. These functions characterize the acoustic transfer functions between 240 source directions around the robot head, nearly-uniformly distributed, and the 12 microphones on the robot head . The functions have been simulated using the boundary element method, and are suitable for the microphone positions provided in the LOCATA challenge documentation. Please download the zip file provided in the link below and extract the *.mat file. Upload the *.mat file to MATLAB to see a single struct, 'ATF', which includes the following fields:

  • IR: the impulse responses between 240 source directions and the 12 microphones
  • Info: information regarding the dimensions of the impulse responses
  • fs: sampling frequency (10 kHz)
  • th and ph: elevation and azimuthal angles, as defined in Fig. 1 of LOCATA documentation_v3, of the 240 source directions
  • mic_xyz: the Cartesian positions of the 12 microphones