Simon Lineykin


Research interests:
  Electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetism): ultra low noise magnetic sensors, magneto-electric sensors, metal detectors etc..
  Signal processing: detecting signal buried in noise, low-frequency signal detection
  Communications theory: theory of envelope simulation of modulated signal using equivalent circuits
  Computer engineering: CAD/CAM for electrical and mechanical engineering
  Control theory: Analog and digital control systems design and simulation, fuzzy logic control
  Electronic circuits and instrumentation: analog electronic circuits, audio circuits, ultra-low noise electronics
  Electronic devices: lock-in amplifiers, PLL-circuit
  Optics and electro-optics: THz vision, GDDs, CMOS image sensors, Microscopy scanning
  Power and Energy systems: PWM DC-DC converters, Active power factor correction systems
  Stochastic Processes and Estimation: electronic noise and chaotic processes

Contact info:
  Telephone: 08-6461530

Reception hours:

  Sunday 8:00 - 9:00

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