Fall 2017-2018: Introduction to Digital Image Processing, 361-1-4751

Lecturer: Tammy Riklin Raviv

Teaching Assistants: Assaf Arbelle and Boris Kodner
Time Wednesday, 10:00-13:00

Location Building 90, Room 227

Tentative schedule and presentations

October 25, 2017   Course overview, What is an Image?, A bit on Information Theory

November 8, 2017   Pointwise Operations, Histogram Processing, Spatial Filters

Novemmber 15, 2017   Pyramids, Diffusion, Color,

November 22, 2017   Frequency Domain

November 29, 2017   DCT and Wavelets PDF , PPTX

December 6, 2017   Wavelets and Edge detection PDF

December 13, 2017   Hough transform, Image descriptors PDF

December 20, 2017   Geometric transformations PDF

December 27, 2017  Stereo vision, 3D Reconstruction PDF

January 3, 2018   Supervised Machine Learning, Classifiers PDF

January 10, 2018   Unsupervised Machine Learning, Clustering and Segmentation PDF

January 17, 2018   Mini-Hackathon

Some useful links

Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Richard Szeliski book

Awesome Computer Vision

Some more to come

New this semester - one of the homework assignments will be (optionally) replaced by mini-hackathon!!! Date: January 17, 8:00-13:00, Barkan room
things to do: mark your calander; establish a group of 3-4 students; name your group Wait for more news

And the winners are....

Fist assignment Bonus: Diffused Image   Yonatan Kaz Cohen

Second assignment Bonus: Color spaces   Yoav Lindner and David Hirschman

Third assignment Bonus: Generalized Hough Transform   Or Livne and Nati Peri

Mini assinment #2: Hybrid Image with Gaussian and Laplacian pyramids   Asaf Manor

Mini assinment #3: Fourier Tranform: Frequency and Phase   Guy Ezra

Last year projects

Trivia   Eran Notkin and Adam Kaminer

Basketball   Ori Lifshitz, Nitzan Eizman and Roi Eilam

BlackJack   Yaniv Benny and Itamar Yaacobi

Dartboard   Ori Arman and Amir Yavnin

Audio effect controller   Shauli Shmilovitch and Guy Weigman

ICMath   Yair Yacobi and Guy Segal

Set   Gil Frenkel and Amit Gafni

Sleepy Driver Alert   Noam Mann and Gal Rattner

Rock, Paper and Scissors   Gleb Vaserman and Moshe AbuHatzera

The Virtual Marker   Lior Dadon and Dor Haim Shmuel

Sudoku Solver   Ron Shoam and Ziv Aharoni

Face Recognition - Lecturer   Yotam Keshet and Omer Sholav

Three Cups & Ball   Nir Bashari and Kuzminsky Maxim

Texas Holdem Poker Tracker   Nave Algarici and Andrey Gurevich

Clothes Matching   Nitzan Tavor and Nati Yitzhak

Pool Game   Nir Raviv and Ofer Shahen-Tov

Simon Says   Sivan Grotas and Shani Ben-Baruch

Face recognition -Politician   Tomer Cohen and Omer Cohen