Spring 2017: Introduction to Digital Image Processing, 361-1-4751

Lecturer: Tammy Riklin Raviv

Teaching Assistants: Assaf Arbelle and Boris Kodner
Time Wednesday, 14:00-17:00

Location Building 28, Room 204

Tentative schedule and lecture notes

March 15, 2017   Course overview, What is an Image?, A bit on Information Theory

March 22, 2017   Pointwise Operations, Histogram Processing, Spatial Filters

March 29, 2017   Pyramids, Diffusion, Color,

April 5, 2017   Frequency Domain

April 19, 2017   DCT and Wavelets PDF , PPTX

April 26, 2017   Geometric Transformations PDF , PPTX

May 3, 2017   Geometric Transformations and alignment PDF , PPTX

May 17, 2017   Edges and lines PDF , PPTX

May 24, 2017   Image Descriptors PDF , PPTX

June 14, 2017   Supervised Machine Learning, Classifiers PDF , PPTX

June 21, 2017   Unsupervised Machine Learning, Clustering and Segmentation PDF , PPTX

June 28, 2017   Stereo vision, 3D Reconstruction PDF , PPTX

Some useful links

Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Richard Szeliski book

Awesome Computer Vision

Some more to come

Homework assignments

Homework assignments should be submitted via moodle using a single zip file: "YourName-XX.zip" where XX is the assignment number.

Assignment #1 due to March 29, 2017

Assignment #2 due to April 9, 2017

Assignment #3A due to April 29, 2017

Assignment #3B due to May 2, 2017

Assignment #4 due to June 4, 2017

Assignment #5 due to June 25, 2017

Assignment #6 due to Jule 5, 2017

And the winners are....

Ex3 Bonus:Image Manipulation with Fourier Transform   Eran Notkin and Adam Kaminer

Ex2 Bonus: Image manipulation with colors   Tomer Cohen and Omer Cohen

Hybrid Image with Gaussian and Laplacian pyramids   Andrey Gurevich

Ex1 Bonus: Trashing an Image in a Creative way   Nave Algarici and Andrey Gurevich