Professional Educational Seminars

    Switch mode converters are found today in just about every modern system. In many cases, the converters characteristics determine the range of use and the reliability of the overall systems. Currently, the subject of Power Electronics that covers the switch mode technology is not taught in most colleges and universities in Israel and many experts in the field have gained their knowledge by experience. Such an educational process is long and in some cases lacks the theoretical foundation that is needed for optimized design.

    This introductory course covers the theoretical and design basics of Switch Mode Converters. It is primarily related to PWM DC-DC converters that are the backbone of modern high frequency switch mode converters. The course covers basic topologies, power components, magnetics and control issues. The frontal lecturer are enhanced by extensive use of simulation to develop an intuitive understanding of the material and to allow attendees to experience analysis and design by simulation.  To this end, the lectures are given in a computer class to enable in-class simulation

    The course is authored and will be presented by Prof. Shmuel Ben-Yaakov who has vast experience in the field both as an educator, designer and consultant to many companies in Israel and abroad. In-class simulation will be supervised by highly qualified preceptors.

  The presentations will be in Hebrew, the ppt slides and handout in English.


Course Contents


1.     Introduction

2.     Inductor, PWM, the average concept                                  

3.     Basic topologies, CCM, DCM

4.     Switched capacitor converters

5.     Basic magnetics design                                                      

6.     Isolated converters (forward and Flyback)

7.     Simulation tools (only time domain is covered in this seminar)

8.     Practical inductors, capacitors, diodes, power switches, Losses and Efficiency

9.     Output Voltage Ripple, Parasitic Effects, RC Snubbers        

10. Advanced topologies (HB, FB, PP, Cuk, SEPIC, Zeta)

11.  Introduction to soft switching     

12.  Drivers, controllers                                                            

13.  Current sensing

14.  Basics of control techniques (analog and digital)


Control Design of PWM Converters: The User Friendly Approach

Computer Aided Analysis and Design

of Single Phase APFC Stages


Feedback Design in Operational Amplifiers and  PWM Converters:

The User Friendly Approach


Fundamentals of PWM Converters


Introduction to CMOS Operational Amplifiers


Control Design of PWM Converters:

 The Intuitive Approach


Fundumentals of PWM Converters


Computer Aided design of Power Factor Correction Systems


Power Electronics of Piezoelectric Elements

Introduction to Power Management for Portables

Dynamics and Stability of Switch Mode Converters

Modern Soft Switched Converter Topologies


Control Design of PWM Converters: The User Friendly Approach

Switched Capacitors Converters


Essentials of Switch Mode Converters


מגברי שרת מודרניים

Power Electronics of Piezoelectric Elements


Digital Control Design of PWM Converters: The Time-Domain Approach