Professional Educational Seminars

 This introductory course covers the basics of power management technology including switch mode converters and battery chargers. The first part of the course discusses the basics of switch mode converters including inductor based converters and switched capacitor converters. This part covers: topologies, passive and active elements, drivers, controllers and supervisory units. The second part of the course examines the issue of control including both analog and digital options. The third part covers specific issues related to VLSI implementations with particular emphasis on the digital control approach, and includes examples of recent advanced power management chips

    The course is authored and will be presented by Prof. Shmuel Ben-Yaakov (SBY) who has vast experience in the analog and power electronics fields both as an educator, designer and consultant to many companies in Israel and abroad

  The presentations will be in Hebrew, the ppt slides and handout in English.


Course Contents


        Power conversion principles

        Conversion types

        Typical areas of application

        Power management for portable devices: converters, battery chargers






        Analog control

        Digital control

        VLSI and discrete components

         Example of recently introduced power management VLSIs

         The mixed mode challenge



Control Design of PWM Converters: The User Friendly Approach

Computer Aided Analysis and Design

of Single Phase APFC Stages


Feedback Design in Operational Amplifiers and  PWM Converters:

The User Friendly Approach


Fundamentals of PWM Converters


Introduction to CMOS Operational Amplifiers


Control Design of PWM Converters:

 The Intuitive Approach


Fundumentals of PWM Converters


Computer Aided design of Power Factor Correction Systems


Power Electronics of Piezoelectric Elements

Introduction to Power Management for Portables

Dynamics and Stability of Switch Mode Converters

Modern Soft Switched Converter Topologies


Control Design of PWM Converters: The User Friendly Approach

Switched Capacitors Converters


Essentials of Switch Mode Converters


מגברי שרת מודרניים

Power Electronics of Piezoelectric Elements


Digital Control Design of PWM Converters: The Time-Domain Approach