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I know you've been waiting all summer, and I know that the rainy season has begun, but who said Adi's Summer Party has to be in the summer?

On the 11/11/2006 it's going to happen!

To see this year's invitation go HERE.

You can find all the details about this year's party HERE.



New updates:

There are new pictures from this year! Go HERE and HERE.

*With the curtesy of Novitzki, Shahal, Boaz, and whoever used their cameras at the party....

We're happy to host a music performance by Sagi Eiland and his group

  "Tnuat Hameri"
The show will start around 8pm. Details about this great band can be found HERE.
Due to Shabat considerations, the arrival time has changed to 16:00. Please don't come before that, unless you want to help with preparations:)
Sign the new GUESTBOOK! You can write comments, complaints or anything that comes to mind.


*In case of rain the party will be delayed by one week and an update will be sent