FME-IT package for MATLAB

By Ido B. Gattegno, Ziv Goldfeld and Haim H. Permuter

Fourier-Motzkin elimination (FME) algorithm for information theoretic inequalities. This package combines the FME procedure together with an information theoretic inequality prover (ITIP).

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The FME-IT package for MATLAB combines two algorithms:

  1. Fourier-Motzkin Elimination (FME) algorithm [1]

  2. Information Theoretic Inequality Prover (ITIP) [2]

The two algorithms form a tool for eliminating variables (such as rates) from a system of linear inequalities that consist Shannon's information measures, and removing redundant inequalities due to Shannon-type information inequalities.


Contact information

This software is programmed by Ido B. Gattegno.
If you have any comments on the software, such as bug reports or questions, please send them directly to the author:

Information about usage of the software and mathematical background are given in the User-guide documentation attached to the software and a mathematical background document, respectively.
Please read these documents before contacting the author.



The author would like to thank Mr. Bho Matthiesen for reporting bugs, offering solutions and testing this software.


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